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Our mission is to bring humanity back to business.

Founder Video Packages 

At Catedral Collective, we're not just storytellers; we're architects of a movement that reimagines business communication through the lens of authenticity and profound human connection. Our mission is to illuminate the depth behind businesses, showcasing not only what they do but why they do it, and the journey that has shaped them.

Imagine a future where marketing isn’t just about reaching out, but about reaching deep—where the stories we tell aren’t just heard, but felt. What if together, we became the beacon of this revolution, renowned not for the products we sell, but for the authentic, vulnerable narratives we share? Narratives that dive into the struggles, the 'whys', and the relentless drive that fuels our local businesses. At Catedral Collective, we’re more than just a company; we're a collective aimed at transforming the essence of marketing. We champion human-centric stories, believing that true connection stems from shared experiences and genuine emotions. Let’s lead together in pioneering a marketing era where vulnerability is our strongest asset, crafting a legacy of human business and human marketing. Join us in making not just a statement, but a difference.

Five Value Pillars For Founder Videos 


CEO & Founder CosMEDIX & Cryo MedSpa

Henry Vongxay

CEO & Founder of

Fresh and Fit

Chris Yap

CEO & Founder of

Gabtech Global, LLC.


Johnny & Candace Messina

Founder & CEO of Messina Culinary


Founder Video Testimonial 

This video was a pivotal factor in distinguishing Gabtech Global from its competitors, playing a crucial role in the company's expansion efforts between Mexico and the Philippines. It proved to be the decisive element that not only secured an expansion with an existing client but also dramatically increased their monthly revenue from $10,000 to over $80,000 in just three months."

Behind The Scenes

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