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Catedral Collective, LLC, is a video production company that creates marketing videos that tell real human stories in a unique documentary style format to connect the consumer back to the human element that leads to product flying out of stores.  


We put together a video package for paid advertising that includes everything you need to scale a campaign through Facebook and YouTube Ads. Including a flagship video with a few different cuts, lifestyle and product photography, and other converting video creative.




Alexander Catedral 

Founded by a true creative human storyteller 


Catedral Collective Founder, Alexander Catedral, has been capturing and telling his own and others stories for over 15 years. 


He’s worked with fortune 500 companies, fashion brands, universities, presidential campaigns, small businesses, and everything in between. He’s filmed, directed, and edited hundreds of pieces of video content that has generated hundreds of thousands of video views and dollars. 


Alex is the creator of the REAL system, for true empathetic and authentic video storytelling. This system has grown revenue and impact for countless businesses.


He’s worked across the world, from Turkey to the Philippines. He’s also appeared at many film festivals for his own family stories. Alex believes you can’t truly embrace and tell others stories, without embracing and telling your own.  


Ethan Gayongala

Hi! I'm Ethan Gayongala. I am one of the photographers here at Catedral Collective from Phoenix, AZ. I have been doing photography for 5 years, but I have always been a creative since I was young. I grew up around music as I learned to play several instruments and learned to sing. Photography is as always been fascinating to me. Before, it was just a hobby, but now it is definitely something I would love to do for a very long time. The creative aspect behind is a whole new world. I have been doing several projects since joining this team, but I am more excited for future projects coming our way. I am here to help this team achieve its goals, collaborate, and to help create moments so unforgettable. 


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