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Love Like Pearls

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In this documentary short, the Catedral brothers tell the story of how their parents met, got married and made it through hard times amidst moving from the Philippines to the United States, and from Los Angeles, California to Roswell, New Mexico. Using both new footage recorded by the filmmakers as well as footage from old home videos the brothers have crafted a different type of love story that celebrates their parents' 30th wedding anniversary while also documenting their larger family history. A cross-generational Filipino-American exploration of relationship, identity, faith and migration, "Love Like Pearls" is a specific story that highlights more general feelings related to the difficulties and joys of family life.

Directed by: Carl and Alex Catedral
Music: Alex Catedral
Mixing and Mastering: Michael Giffone
Special Thanks: Lydia Catedral


A family experiences the realities of COVID-19 firsthand, together.


Back to Work By Alexander Catedral


Filmmaker statement: In the midst of a global crisis, many of my friends and family who are Filipino American health care workers, risk their lives to help fellow Americans fight through and survive the pandemic. Their work in hospitals not only puts them at risk, but it also directly impacts their families as well. This is our story.


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