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Here is a glimpse into all of our most recent work that shows the best of who we are. In the description next to the videos it goes into some details of our processes of each project and gives some insight to our values and how we operate. Watch the video above to get a sample and a behind the scenes of what we do to give you the best product that best suits you! Bottom Line, we love what we do, and we will make sure your experience and your final product will be one that you love as well.

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Our mission is to bring humanity back to business.



This is a campaign video we created from beginning to end. We came up with the idea, created a storyboard, directed, filmed, and edited this entire piece. It was a project that took over a month to complete. We commissioned a local 18 year old poetry out loud champion to create this poem and made sure that it aligned with the candidates views and passions. We traveled across the state of Arizona to capture the individuals who resonated with the message. This video has garnered over 120,000 views organically and has been recognized by major political voices and influencers across the country.

Blended Roses Brand Commercial


This is a brand awareness commercial we created for an apparel company called Blended Roses in Chicago, Illinois. We had a lot of fun with this one, from drone footage in Downtown Chicago, to a restored vintage car, a super 8 camera, all the way to a couple on a date night at a luxury cigar bar in the heart of Oak Park, Illinois. We wanted to show the elegance of the brand by giving it a vintage look and portraying its classic and timeless pieces.



This project is an Invitation, Introduction, and a Fundraising video for Circle Of Peace Church, in Peoria, Arizona. This project had many moving pieces, (literally) and we had to figure out a way to convey the message powerfully while still highlighting his personality that everyone loves. We used high energy and moving a consistent object (pallet wall) to keep the flow of the story and message while also changing scenery to give background to the character. We start in the church where everyone knows him, and then we bring him back into his home to have a more warm and welcoming approach to show his vulnerability. We also achieved this by doing a slow movement towards him at the second to last scene, to show he is not just the pastor, but he is a human like us all. Then at the end showing he is not alone but there is a community behind him, and communicating this is what he is truly inviting others into. 



This is one of our staples, specialities, and most popular videos we get asked to do as Catedral Collective. It is telling the stories of Business Owners, Founders, CEO's, Enthusiasts, and Leaders. We tell the Who, the Why, and the What of each leader. To highlight your successes, but also to highlight who you truly are, and what is important to you. People buy from people, so we create videos that build trust in you so they buy into who you are, resulting in buying into what you offer.



Another one of our most popular videos is an introduction Founder video for Sura Khudairi of Surturban from Houston, Texas. A video that highlights who she is and the work that she puts into every turban.



A video we created for Angela Perez that helped her win the $10,000.00 Live Mas Scholarship by Taco Bell. Telling stories is our specialty and we will always prioritize the integrity of the story and the one telling it. 



A trailer of a phenomenal story of two private chefs. 
One, who was a sous chef for Wolfgang Puck and a private chef for P Diddy and the other, his wife who learned his recipes after he lost his taste from cancer surgery. This is  Messina Culinary and their journey to their dream venue. 

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